Mike DeCillis

Elected : USSSA New York Hall Of Fame in 2005
Inducted : April 2006, Ronkonkoma, NY.

In 1971, the New Jersey native graduated from Ithaca College. He began his teaching and coaching career in Rochester, N.Y. It was also the beginning of a slow pitch career that has spanned more than 34 years. He began playing for Pace Electronics, then played for Mazzola Insurance. In 1975, Mike returned to Pace and manager Joe Nucci (1987/2004).

For most of the next 'twenty years', Mike had the good fortune to play with five members of the NYS USSSA National 'Hall of Fame' - Frank Taccone (1980/2004), Glen Eichelberger (1982/2004), Andy Santillo (1990/2004), John Warren (2005) and Peter Castle (2005).

During the span Mike has pitched in several USSSA Regionals, (8) USSSA Worlds, (5) Masters, (2) USSSA World Series, including the 1977 as his Mazzola Castle team won the USSSA World Series. Mike was also a member of the APSPL (professional) team that won the 1980 World Championship along with teammates Santillo, Warren and Castle. Mike also received All World honors as a pitcher (1977).

Mike was a career .520 plus hitter started his career as an outfielder/first baseman. It wasn't until Joe Nucci made him pitch in a tournament in Milwaukee, Wis. (1975) that Mike found his passion. His defensive ability up the middle and his competitiveness enabled him to challenge hitters, giving him the edge; he won most of the battles.

As a successful high school and college basketball, softball coach for more than thirty-five years, Mike appreciated the efforts of his manager Joe Nucci that has given him the opportunity to become the newest member of the USSSA New York State Hall of Fame.