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The NEW YORK STATE USSSA Hall of Fame is a virtual Hall, which resides on the NEW YORK website.

NEW YORK has played an important part in the establishment of USSSA, from conception to the present day.  One of the ways to recognize the people that played a major part in this development is to honor them with induction into a Hall of Fame that is dedicated to New Yorkers.  Each Hall of Fame inductee will receive a Hall of Fame Ring and Certificate detailing their induction.

Our fourteenth annual dinner and induction ceremony was held on March 18, 2017, in Syracuse, NY with 300 people attending. Twelve individuals were inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Click on Hall of Fame Inductees above to view bios. In addition, we honored two Teams of Distinction.

The 2018 induction ceremony will be held on March 10, 2018 at the Stonebridge Country Club, Smithtown, NY.

The 2018 class of the NEW YORK STATE USSSA HALL OF FAME is as follows:

Phil Castellano - Long Island ( Male Player )

Ken Schultz - Long Island ( Male Player )

Rick Caravaggio - Long Island ( Male Player )

William Fox - Long Island ( Male Player )

Fred Stahman - Long Island ( Male Player )

Matias Ferreira - Long Island ( Male Player )

Robert Hagan - Long Island  ( Umpire )

Dietmar Trick – Long Island ( Manager )


The Joe Nucci Dedication to Excellence Award - Andrew Heineck - Long Island

Teams of Distinction: ( Men's ) SCB Softball - Long Island

                                      ( Men's ) Denelex Stallions - Long Island


All questions regarding the NEW YORK STATE USSSA HALL OF FAME can be directed to Dave Kasouf at (315) 458-2934 or