About New York State USSSA


AFFILIATION: New York State USSSSA is a member of a National Organization known as the “United States Specialty Sports Association”, referred to as “USSSA”. The USSSA Constitution is adopted by this Association and is incorporated herein by reference; however, this Association reserves unto itself the right to make rules and regulations not specifically covered or expanded upon in the “USSSA” Constitution.

JURISDICTION: The Association as part of “USSSA” is a governing body of Amateur Sports in the State of New York. Each member league retains the right to establish and maintain local league playing and eligibility rules. Any deviation from the Association’s rules should be spelled out by the league prior to the season.

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the New York State USSSA shall be to:

a) Foster, develop, promote and regulate approved USSSA Sports Programs.     

b) Encourage the unification of all USSSA sports teams and qualified   
    USSSA game officials to advance the cause of USSSA Sports Programs.

c) Promote and conduct annual USSSA Sports Championships.

d) Establish official standards of eligibility for all players.

e) Develop good sportsmanship and high ideals among participants.

For more information about New York State USSSA, please contact:

Gary Godden
USSSA NYS Director
3 Edmar Court
Henrietta, NY 14467
585-755-7366 (c)